Open Every Day: The History of the Tommyknocker Tavern

Tommyknocker Tavern has been open seven days a week since 1999. It is Creede’s omnipresent place to go.

Tommyknocker Tavern began in 1999 when Jeremy McComas and Rick Kostic created the bar in an historic 1890’s downtown building owned by Jennifer Inge, nestled between the flume and Main Street and across from Creede’s post office. Soon Brian Brittain, a lifelong friend of Jeremy’s from Clinton, OK, joined the group and eventually bought out Kostic and became partners.

Proprietor Brian Brittain said “when people here in Creede decided to make this their watering hole, we decided to stay open every day. People who stay here in town year-round need a place to go. There’s lots of time when we’re the only place open in town.”

Initially, the Tommyknocker served drinks but no food. Then Kip Nagy made a name for himself in Creede when Brian and Jeremy invited him to open a grill on the back patio of the Tavern. Five years later, Kip ventured out on his own, and Brian sought out a new plan for the restaurant – a menu serving up fresh and delicious barbeque and featuring our famous ribs! In the meantime, Jenny and Jeremy had both been bought out of the business, and Brian took over as the sole proprietor (with the help of his lovely wife, Kara, of course!)

Over the years, the Tommyknocker became well-known for its live music and popular open mic nights. Bands from California, Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and all across Colorado play live for a fun-loving summer crowd or a rambunctious winter group!

One of Creede’s best parties every year takes place long after the summer is over and the tourists have returned home. The annual Halloween Costume Party and Scavenger hunt is always a hit! A rockin’ band will pack the place and everyone goes all-out on their costumes, in hopes of winning the “best costume” prize, and bragging rights for the year.

Another locals’ favorite is the Tax Day Luau Party. A fan-favorite band plays all day, a pig roasts outside, boat races in the flume bring on friendly competition, and plenty of sports are played on Wall Street – from lacrosse to tether ball! Some years it snows, some years it’s a balmy 50-60 degrees…perfect for grass skirts and flower shirts!


Brittain notes that none of this happens without good help. Over the years, the Tommyknocker has been blessed with great employees.

When Brittain and his staff aren’t serving up drinks, barbeque, or live music, they are busy sponsoring an annual Pond Hockey Tournament (15 teams duke-it-out on the ponds above town in mid-January) and sometimes host a Golf Tournament (10-15 teams play at the Rio Grande Club in August).

The Tommyknocker Tavern that rocks during the summer is different from the Tommyknocker that rolls through the winter, but patrons throughout the year will agree on two things: first, that Tommyknockers will be open every night, and second, that it’s a great place to hang out!

      ~mostly written by Kirk Dooley for the Creede Magazine




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